I have tried all sorts of diets including some rather strange ones including living on cow's milk and honey until a doctor pointed out that cow's milk was for cows. I argued with the doctor that cow's milk was for humans. I was wrong. The doctor was right cow's milk is for cows. I have been vegetarian, raw vegan and fruitarian. The previously mentioned diets had some benefit but even the fruitarian diet which would appear the most natural one of the lot was impractical (loose poo and being desperate to go is OK if you are in the jungle!!) So now I get up and eat bananas and apples but not too many apples as apparently they make you need to go to the loo due to an acid in the apples although apple pips are known to contain cyanide. Yes, cyanide which in very small doses form cyanic acid with cancer cells. So then apple pips are anti-cancer. My advice would be to eat all the apple including the core which contains the pips. I eat fruit, veg, lots of rice and yeast flakes for vitamin B12. Fruit and veg are protein as plants make proteins in order to grow by the process called photosynthesis. I also eat 3 apricot kernels as these are also anti-cancer.

Best to steer clear of sugar, salt, animal stuff and bread. If you choose my diet then your cholesterol could be as low as 3. In due course I anticipate that it will be found that eating animals causes high cholesterol leading to blood circulation problems causing heart attacks, strokes and brain problems as animal fats clog up the blood vessels to the brain so reducing the oxygen to the brain. Steer clear of eggs and cheese as eggs are high in cholesterol and so is cheese which is concentrated fat which will clog up your blood vessels. Sugar can cause diabetes. Too much salt is also thought to be bad news. Bread is high in carbon which will make you fat and also usually contains salt and animal stuff.

You may also be interested to know Russia has banned microwaves as these are thought to reduce valuable minerals in the food we eat by changing molecular structures found in the food.

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