DNA Evolution


Electricity from the SUN in the form of heat, light and sound fused your parents DNA and mutated, changed it and added to it. Hence you have different eye colour, hair colour, skin colour to parents. We are not clones of our parents. There is a phrase "Start as you mean to go on". What is also true is that for every action there is an equal and opposite one. Therefore "You mean to go on as you started". In order for the SUN to fuse the key elements together to produce the first strand of DNA they must be present. So to form a basic protein strand of DNA there needs to be carbon hydrogen oxygen and nitrogen. The hydrogen and oxygen is commonly known as water. Lots of that in the Sea. Carbon is found in the atmosphere in carbon dioxide. Nitrogen is also found in the atmosphere. Logically because water is required then life must have started in the Sea. Our Planet should be called Planet Water as it is 4 fifths water and without water there would be no life on the Planet. The SUN is a chemical reaction in dynamic equilibrium. This means it has been going forever as is confirmed in the christian b book which confirms energy can neither be created nor destroyed. So the words create and creator need to be deleted. So life began with a single cell creature with a basic strand of DNA. The single cell creature then split by a process called binary fission. Electricity from the SUN as we know from the SUN's effect on human DNA that forms different features to that of the parents also formed slightly different DNA in the offsping of the single cell. The changes would have been slight but nevertheless additions were made to the single cell creature to form another single cell creature. The SUN is responsible for evolution. We can even say there is a link to Astrology where human traits are found to be similar in humans dependent upon the configuration of the Planets. The SUN's electrical energy is responsible for the electricity required to keep Planets in the form they are and therefore the electromagnetic field is stirred up by the movement of the Planets which behave similar to magnets which we played with at school pushing magnet with the same polarity charge and attracting magnets with the opposite polarity charge. It is this electrical stirring that needs to be further evaluated by scientists to help explain the effects of electromagnetic field changes and how it influences genetic mutation, changes and additions to DNA. What came first the chicken or the egg? THE DUCK. Clearly all life must have begun in the SEA. We can see an example of how creatures can go from being water based to living on land and water if we look at frogs for example. So DNA can be mutated to form legs and arms. BUT how did the sexes occur. If we look at the SEA we find some creatures are hermaphrodite. This means they have both sets of sexual organs. Therefore their DNA has the information to form both types of sex organs. So logically a hermaphrodite produced 2 offspring one with female organs and one with male as the DNA potential is for both type of sexes. You may think male and female sex chromosomes are different BUT only slightly. The male testes begin forming in the ovary positions before descending. The male penis begins as a clitoris and if you look at the end of the male penis you will see a female clitoris. So the Sun has an effect on DNA Evolution BUT also the DNA you eat acts as a virus to the DNA of the creature that eats the DNA. This different DNA in our food is responsible for changes in appearance. We do not get old we are made of recycled energy with the body changing every cell in the body every 7 revolutions of the SUN. We suffer from DNA contamination and it would also seem logical that eating DNA could have influenced the evolution of DNA as well as the SUN. In addition the success of any life is connected to the environment. There is a phrase called Natural Selection whereby the successful offspring in any particular environment get to survive and reproduce. So the successful DNA configuration survives and the genetic success is passed on however if there is a mutation and an addition to DNA that does not suit the environment then the life form will not be successful in that particular environment and to be successful that life form will need to move to an environment best suited to its DNA. Please read OUT OF AFRICA section.

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