Half your wealth Or MAKE MONEY ILLEGAL


1. MEDIPOINT LIMITED was a project installing Touch Screen Systems into health care sites. The project was sabotaged and as a consequence MEDIPOINT LIMITED ended up in the Royal Courts Of Justice, Strand, London. Judge Rattee said "I suppose the conspiracy theory is out then". The business was wound up by Judge Rattee when the evidence suggested the case should have been set aside and witnesses called. Evidence put to the Court Of Appeal proved beyond doubt that MEDIPOINT LIMITED was the victim of a complex sabotage. MEDIPOINT LIMITED lost the appeal. Chancery Division which deals with business legal cases is run by the lodge and judges receive a knighthood.


2. A so called friend "Martin" said "if you keep thinking that way I will have to beat you up". Martin never laid a hand on Michael Hall although a mysterious hand shake was attempted by Martin and Michael Hall put his hand over the top of Martin's. However Michael Hall was subjected to a mind assault which lead to hospital stays. In addition Ann Hall said "If you don't join the masons you will lose all your friends". Michael Hall then started hallucinating gas while at Ann Hall and David Hall's home and Ann looked at Michael Hall and said to David Hall "It's working". Clearly Michael Hall was the victim of a mind assault.


3. NHS. Michael Hall ended up in NHS hospitals. On one occasion Michael Hall was taken into a room where he was hypnotized by an unknown female in Fairmile Hospital (Closed now, was in Wallingford, Oxfordshire, UK) Michael Hall was told to close his eyes while the unknown female started touching his nose. An image of a light brown man with goatee beard dressed in white gown came into Michael Hall's mind. The unknown female said "are the hands of god open or closed?" The unknown female had clearly planted an image in Michael Hall's mind without Michael Hall's permission. For this to be happening in NHS environments is totally disgusting. Michael Hall asked a muslim girl in hospital what image she saw in her mind. A totally different description of another delusionary image was given. NHS staff were observing the conversation and Michael Hall was man handled into a dormitory on Henley Ward at Fairmile Hospital and given two injections. On another occasion a nurse on Henley Ward said "If you are thinking about jumping don't" this lead to Michael Hall trying to commit suicide by attempting to jump from a first floor. During an out patient's appointment with Dr Flavia Leslie, Flavia said to David Hall who was also present out the out patient's appointment with Michael Hall "I am thinking about taking Michael off his medication". Flavia then went on to ask David Hall "Has Michael paid Lombard?" David Hall replied "No". Flavia then said "I am keeping Michael on medication then". MEDIPOINT LIMITED used Lombard Business Equipment and Leasing to lease computer equipment to MEDIPOINT LIMITED customers. Michael Hall had never discussed Lombard with Flavia or David Hall.


All those involved need to be taught a lesson. You do not treat people this way. Do we all agree that half the wealth of all those involved is to be paid to Michael Hall OR alternatively and preferably money is made illegal?

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