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A Communications website where Vegans can discuss Vegan Eco Village UK an innovative project looking to build Vegan Eco Villages in UK using Geodesic Domes that now have double glazing and ready for residential use.Vegan Eco Village UK feature at top of this page.       VEGAN ECO VILLAGE UK  Register now at www.tpfreetalk.co.uk to Agree Disagree Comment Share See and Talk Video Conferencing.


A Communications site where Pharmaceutical Companies, Public Organizations, Pharmacies and Health Centre Staff can discuss the MEDIPOINT TOUCH SCREEN KIOSK PROJECT. When we receive support from 300 Pharmaceutical Companies who will be able to feature ALL their products for 14p per week per site in 20000 Pharmacies and Health Centres for three years we will begin installation at no cost to Pharmacies and Health Centres. Rate includes Capturing Touch Activity Data, POM Patient Counselling accessed by Special code only known by Health Professionals, Staff Training and Self Help program featuring generic information from NHS and Product information on OTCs and P medicines from Pharmaceutical Companies.


DEMO website for those wishing to see how the actual MediPOINT Touch Screen Kiosk Program will look. It is in build however please check it out as it is live. Code for features is 1.


MediPOINT HEALTH PHARM is our treatment room into pharamacies project. Many pharmacies are looking to Secure their pharmacy in the Community as a Centre for Health Care Excellence. We are also looking to help pharmacists who have to close their pharmacy as the site they are on can legally continue to provide health services.


An innovative home design whereby the home is designed to make food for the occupants using the Sun in similar way to plants and trees or possibly the method by which fungi make their own food in order to grow or a combination. According to Steve Turner a website builder I contracted to build the original waterhousesolarhomes website Loughborough University have seen www.watersolarhomes.co.uk