Vegan Eco Village  for Twelve Vegans £200,000 per home

Vegan Eco Village for Twelve Vegans in UK

The idea is to build an Eco village for vegans on our Planet and if possible make it OFF GRID and OFF other services by using the following energy systems as to be discussed below and by recycling human waste and plant matter to again produce energy. 


Imagine 12 geodesic glass domes complete with all normal facilities found in a normal home with a Communal dome to be shared by all the people living in the Eco Village. We suggest kitchen and clothes washing services should be found in Communal dome as this is better use of energy.


All domes to have PV solar panels to drive a system of batteries to drive a ground source heat pump fed by a bore hole to produce hot water.


The communal dome to have swimming pool and we are considering linking this to a Thermal Electric Generator (TEG) to produce more electricity for our battery system.


We are also looking at Bio mass generators which combust plant material to run a generator to produce heat and add another TEG to convert heat into electricity to charge battery system.


We are also considering having a Bio digester to convert sewage and plant matter into methane to run another generator to charge system of batteries.


We are also interested in Nanoflowcell technology. They have developed a car that runs on salt water and have plans to use the technology for other applications including systems for domestic housing.


If you are interested please call us on 0118 9733254 send me an E-mail or Skype me (telepathicmichael). 


The best way and easiest is to form a development company or work with existing one and simply sell each geodesic dome home for approximately £200,000 each plus each home then pays a land rent fee and maintenance fee to help fund the Communal Dome and other services required to maintain the Eco Village.


 If we sell each of the 12 homes for £200,000 this will produce a total fund of £2.4 million to pay for entire project including land and all build costs. 


By doing it this way if anyone wants to move on then their home can be sold on in a similar way to buying a flat. This avoids problems seen in other Co housing communities seen in USA where things if they do go wrong end up in court; we want to avoid this happening. Michael