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Telepathic Partnership provides free help for freemasons wishing to change from being self haters to self lovers. The oaths sworn by masons has led to a negative state of mind which has led to self hate, low self esteem, low self worth, depression, drinking alcohol and smoking and other acts of self harm. The secrets have led to insecurity and in some cases massive mood swings. Many religions have called upon us to love thy neighbour and thou shalt not kill is fixed in the mind of many however would the founders of religions want people to ask each other to be killed or seriously injurred? I don't think so. Where has it all gone wrong? The original goals of the freemasons was to have a caring society. How can we associate oaths agreeing to have your tongue cut out and disembowelment as being caring? We can't. Someone discovered the power of telepathy with the word appearing in dictionaries. They appear to have decided that telepathy is a powerful tool and that the masons should have this tool to communicate in a conscious telepathic way. Masons have gone on to use telepathy to harm people by hypnotising those who are known as The Faithful being people who are not freemasons. Hypnotizing someone to attach there brain to the floor of a Police cell is hardly caring and some would say such a violent act against someone is a crime. Masons have become paranoid about being controlled. The issue they have is control or be controlled. The problem being on discovering the world was round and that the world goes around the sun left religions in tatters and notions of 7 rotations making a week and various invented gods including moon god monday, woden wednesday, thor thursday and friar friday being utter nonsense has led to masons losing control because knowledge is power. So those who continue with the strange idea that the Universe was made in 7 rotations are lacking in education and some would say knowledge. Fearful of losing power the masons have beaten up those with the knowledge by simply hypnotising them into for example taking all their clothes off and masturbating in front of people. So who is mentally ill the person who is naked and masturbating or those who have hypnotised someone to go naked and masturbate? Masons have become thought paranoid I quite often think utter nonsense including has Elizabeth got 6 vaginas so thinking is not important it is what you say and do that counts what you think is completely irrelevant. How are we to cure the masons? By hating them? No. That would make us as bad as them. Telepathic Partnership was formed to tell the world the truth about who is telepathic including the masons and those who associate with Paul McCartney. With each oath the masons have sworn come different telepathic skills including the ability to see through others eyes and listen through other ears. Unfortunately agreeing to be disembowelled on several occasions has left the mason in a terrible self hating state of mind. All this hatred has spread across our planet. So much for the telling off now lets try and find a cure to all the self hate. If the problem is self hate then the cure is what? The opposite Self Love. It is easy to spot a mason simply ask the person do they hate themselves or love themselves. I can guarantee all masons say they hate themselves so then so much for the secrets. So effectively the masons are saying I hate me So they need to say I love me over and over until all the negative programming has gone. Imagine a world where everyone said I love me what would the effect be on the planet? No pollution in the air, no sea polluted with plastic No making products that fail just for them to fill up landfill sites and provide an income stream for capitalism which is esentially the luddites in practice as capitalism has stifled innovation. I bet some very clever masons have come up with some great inventions, who found out all our power could be derived from salt water for a start. Sadly Mr Ford said no to this and the world has gone on to make many mistakes leaving the planet close to an ice age on the planet heating up the sea level will rise. This will lead to the flooding of all the land and most of the vegetation will stop taking the harmful gases out of the air. The carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide will saturate the atmosphere producing a black smog as seen in China. The black smog will block out the sun leading to freezing temperatures and no oxygen for us to breathe as the plant life which gives us oxygen is almost completely wiped out. The planet will simply nutralize the harmful actions caused by capitalism hatred and the planet will go into ice age hibernation. Those wanting ice age hibernation are suicidal and must be said to be mentally ill. Where has the suicide mentality come from? You guessed it the freemasons. Solution to problem say I LOVE ME.

Please find below our way off the planet. The domes you see will evolve into craft powered by electromagnetic reactions producing the same charge as positive earth effectively the craft will repell itself away from the planet with no burning of any fossil fuels. We have almost murdered our planet by using trees to build our housing and by burning fossil fuels. If you don't want to freeze your arse off I suggest you stop burning fossils stop cutting down trees and start building those heavenly geodesic domes made of recycled baked bean aluminium can and glass which is made of sand. By doing this the sand will be taken from sea bed giving us a chance as the sea level starts to rise dramatically. Charles is right we have to stop polluting the sea with plastic. All this can be achieved by a change of mind set from one of hate for the self to one of love for the self. The effect of I love me is a gift of I love you and together we can be a great team and save this heaven you call earth it is actually 80% water from going into ice age hibernation. Last point Different species different DNA - Different DNA different species. Forget the word human it is derived from hu meaning of earth and man. We are mainly water and each one of us is a species in its own right and I know for a fact that the species which I am was not made out of clay and did not come out of a kiln. Mean to go on as you started. Start as you mean to go on. And just why have I got those nipples "of water woman".